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Understanding Virtual Tours

July 25th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Computers

Virtual tours allow you to see a complete space. They give you a 360 degree view so you can see everything that is included in the image. Users can look above and below as well as all the way around and are able to zoom in and zoom out as needed to get a good focus of a specific area. Virtual tours are created by many different photographs that are melded together to create a complete image.

Real estate agents use virtual tours of homes in order to give interested potential buyers a good view before they actually view the home in person. Businesses that want to use virtual tours for any purpose should ensure that they are receiving a high resolution and high quality image that can easily be viewed at full screen. Businesses can a 360 virtual tour in a number of different ways. They can be linked to the floor plan so that consumers can determine themselves where they want to move in order to view a particular space. Property developers and architects use this option often.

Google Maps interfaces can help those viewing the images to see tours that are linked together using a map and many providers allow for integrating hotspots or special links within the tour. Soundtrack and audio script can also be implemented in order to make the tour a bit more exciting and informative.

In order to implement a virtual tour on a website, files will need to be uploaded that contain the images that will be used. These files allow web designers to create the virtual tour and there are a number of plugins that can be used to allow viewers to see the tour. Flash, Shockwave and QuickTime are among the most commonly used. Flash normally has a 97 percent penetration rate which tends to make this the common choice but there are other plugins that will work well. Those wanting to implement a virtual tour may simply need to speak with the provider to determine which plugin is best.

Choosing a virtual tour provider depends on a number of issues as well. Businesses want someone who will provide them with quality images and who can work with them to ensure that those images get uploaded to their website properly. It may be necessary to hire a website designer to get this done properly. Designers can work with the specific codes required to input the images and ensure that they are viewable and offer a good look at the specific area to be viewed.

Virtual tours are becoming a very popular way for many businesses to entice customers. With a 360 degree look at a specific area, potential customers will be able to get a really good idea of what the business is offering so they can basically determine if what they are seeing is what they want. A properly set up virtual tour with good images will enhance a site user’s experience and allow for repeat visits and increased traffic.

What to Expect from the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

June 23rd, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Consumer Electronics

Samsung’s newest addition to its smartphone lineup, the Galaxy S4 Zoom is considered to be half-camera, half-smart phone. The device goes a bit beyond both camera and phone to give users a better image snapping experience. The phone uses the Android Jelly Bean 4.2 operating system and includes a 4.3 inch AMOLED 960X540 display, camera functions that can be accessed by simply twisting the Zoom Ring and a 10X optical zoom.

There is a second camera that faces the front of the device that is 1.9 MP and the phone features LTE as well as 3G and Wi-Fi capabilities. The camera functions of the smartphone can be easily activated by the Zoom Ring, which is simply a dial that surrounds the lens on the back of the device. Simply twisting the ring starts up the camera and the ring works perfectly even when talking or texting on the phone. It is designed to allow users to snap photos and send them instantly to whoever they are talking to or texting at the moment.

The Zoom Ring also allows users to select different camera modes and functions. The camera has a 16 MP CMOS sensor that is back-illuminated and is designed to allow for close-ups and landscapes no matter what the lighting conditions. Smart Mode will automatically adjust the camera settings once the users determine which preset mode is best, although the camera can also suggest the best settings.

Photo Suggest is a feature that will allow users to tap into libraries containing images provided by others so that photo opportunities can be recommended based on the user’s current location. In other words, the library contains various shots taken by other photographers and the camera will tell users where they can also take similar shots.

Users can also edit and order photo prints directly from the smartphone device. Photographs can be synced with computers as well for sharing and the full HD video capabilities allow for 30 frames per second of video. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is expected to hit markets by the end of 2013. In some countries, preorders have already begun, showing that this stands to be a very popular device for the upcoming Christmas season. German consumers can preorder the device now for around $500 by Cyberport.de. The price for the device has not been officially set, although many speculate that it will come in at around the same price as the latest iPhone.

Tech-savvy consumers who are looking for a smartphone that is smart enough to help them take pictures as well will find the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom to be right up their alley. With a camera that is just as good as other digitals on the market and the addition of smartphone technology all in one device, this could be the most popular technology on the market by the end of the year. Other manufacturers may already be looking into designing their own device that will double as a phone and a high powered camera.

Edit Photos before Sharing with the Facetune App for iPhone

June 19th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Software

The App Store has many different apps that you can use for many different purposes. If you are looking for a fun app and one that allows you to completely edit your photos before you share them online, Facetune seems to be getting some rave reviews. The app costs about $3 and is essentially a portrait editor that allows you to improve how your pictures and your photo subjects look before you upload them to the internet.

Many consumers are using Facetune to improve their own looks before submitting their photos to Facebook and other social media sites as well as many online dating sites. While it may not promote complete honesty when it comes to how you look in person, some consumers like it just because they can change around photos and have fun with it.

The app gives you 10 tools that are very user friendly. Each tool has an easy interface and you can just grab the photo to zoom in and move the picture around to apply different effects. After you initially take the picture with the app, or you can load one into the app from your phone’s memory, you can start cropping it. There is a tool that will whiten your teeth so you can look like you just stepped out of the dentist’s office and one that will remove shiny looks from skin.

There is also a Details tool that lets you really make changes in great detail. You can accentuate your best features. If you want longer and fully eyelashes for instance, the tool allows you to change how your eyelashes look. You can also brighten your eyes and make them a deeper color and even change the shape of your face. Note that the Reshape tool should be used with caution. You can actually change your face shape so much that it becomes a bit distorted. A Refine button will enable you to make really fine adjustments to your face so you can cover up acne, wrinkles or anything else that you do not want showing in your photos.

A Patch tool lets you move and re-size your face and you can eliminate blemishes and other spots as well. A Tone button will enable you to change the tone of your skin or hair and make it lighter or darker. If you have a photo for instance that does not present you in the best possible light and your skin looks a bit pasty, you can darken it up a bit and make it look more natural. Of course there is also a Red Eye button so that you can remove red eyes from all of your photos and it allows you to remove blemishes and red marks as well.

Overall, the Facetune app is a fun application for iPhones that will allow you to spruce up any photo before you share it with others. It can come in quite handy if you are looking to produce a professional looking photo and you need to remove a few blemishes and other less-than-attractive aspects of your pictures.

Upgrading the Wi-Fi Card on Your Laptop

June 2nd, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Computers

Laptop computers are great for portability but unfortunately, they do not always have the amount of memory and storage that you need. Upgrading them is a common occurrence and relatively easy to do. Upgrading the Wi-Fi card on your laptop can help to improve performance as well. While most people opt to upgrade just the storage and memory and give no consideration to the Wi-Fi card on their laptops, a simple upgrade can have a major impact on how your laptop performs, giving you faster throughout and a greater range.

There are some things that you will want to think about when it comes to upgrading a Wi-Fi card or more specifically, when it comes to choosing the new card that you want to install. You have to determine whether or not your laptop uses a whitelist in the BIOS. If so, the card that you want to install may not be fully supported by your laptop. Most manufacturers do not tell you anywhere in your documentation whether or not they use a whitelist in the BIOS so you may have to hit the internet and do a bit of research to learn whether or not your laptop is going to be affected by this. You should be able to research the manufacturer and model of your laptop and find out if you are going to have problems with a new card.

You will also want to consider the size of card that you need. You can do this by finding the current card and looking at its size. New cards are typically half-eight although some laptops that are a few years old have full-eights. Your laptop may not be completely compatible with a half-eight and if you run into this problem you can simply use a bracket adapter which should solve the issue and make the new half-eight card fit properly.

When you begin the upgrade, you have to ensure that you unplug your power adapter and take out the battery if you can. If the battery cannot be removed, you will just need to proceed with caution to ensure that you do not inadvertently turn the laptop on while you have it apart. Once you have located the old card and are ready, you will need to detach the antennas. Make sure that you note how they antennas are connected so that you can properly reconnect them when you insert the new card. Remove the card from the mounting section and then lift it out.

You want to be certain that you line up the new card properly and do not put too much pressure on it when inserting it. Keep in mind that Wi-Fi cards will only go into the slot one way so if it seems as if the card will not fit, you may need to turn it. Once you have it in place, just screw it in and replace the antennas. You may need to install the drivers for the new card, although some laptops may pick up on the card and already have the drivers in place when you turn the laptop back on.

A New Technology to Reduce Carbon Emissions

May 16th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in News

Automobile manufacturers tend to spend time researching new technologies that can help to make their specific automobile brands a bit better and more enticing to consumers. New technology has been introduced that could substantially reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from a vehicle. Strataclear could help transportation companies to earn a higher level of income and could make a significant dent in the amount of fuel costs that these companies have.

Strataclear is designed to capture up to 40 percent of the carbon emissions that trucks release. This is regardless of the specific type or model of the engine in the truck. During regular operation, the exhaust gas from a vehicle passes through a catalytic converter before it enters the Strataclear system. In recent tests, the system showed as much as 30 percent in savings on gas. Companies that have an average of about 30 trucks can save tens of thousands of dollars each year on fuel alone. This can help those companies to lower their transportation costs to customers, attracting more clientele than they could with their current costs and expenses.

Typically, trapped carbon is a toxic liquid that is required to be disposed of in a special way. This trapped carbon is normally buried or dumped at sea. Because of the costs associated with disposal, companies generally incur additional expenses that can often be very expensive. Strataclear technology offers a solid residual that is not toxic and can be used in a number of industries as recycled material. This means that instead of having to pay to have this material dumped or disposed of, these companies can simply use that material in other realms such as in construction or road building. The solid carbon residual can be used as a replacement material for sand when producing brick and it is a bit stronger and can resist temperature changes much better than traditional brick making materials.

Companies that offer transportation will be able to provide better contracts for their clients and save money themselves. The patent is still pending for this technology in spite of its obvious benefits. The outlook for transportation companies however is good. The technology would allow those companies to save money and to cut down on the amount of carbon emission that each truck produces which ultimately helps to keep the environment cleaner. More tests and research is being done to determine without doubt if this is a feasible technology that offers benefit to both company and consumer. As of now, it is estimated that the residual carbon can be sold to profit centers which would open up new streams of revenue for transportation companies, allowing them to provide even lower prices to customers.

New technologies are introduced virtually on a daily basis and as those technologies become available, many anticipate even better ways to clean up the environment and help to save on fuel costs and other expenses. If the Strataclear technology is used by transportation companies when it becomes available, there are definite benefits to both the company and its clientele.