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Smart Phone App Makes Remote Computing Easy

December 16th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in News

The smart phone application developer Wyse has made it possible for tech junkies to have access to everything on their desktop computer even when they are miles away from home. Other technological advances such as WiFi and remote access have given travelers the option to access files and programs while on the go, but this app will let users connect to their notebook and desktop computer through wireless access. If you are an iPhone or iPad owner, you may own more Apple products but this app is a great benefit for pc users. Not many programs are pc and Macintosh compatible, and certainly even fewer will allow you to essentially connect both devices.

A free version of the PocketCloud app is available for download, but users will have to purchase the paid version in order to stream videos that are stored on your desktop. This app will definitely come in handy on those days that you forget to email an important files, but a lot of people already keep backup files on their laptops. For the most part, PocketCloud will be used to play videos and songs that users just don’t feel like uploading to other computing devices. Using their smart phone as a hub, this application will save consumers a lot of time because they will no longer need to put multiple copies of files on all of their computers.

Although a lot of people were left wondering why Wyse would offer such a valuable application for free, but the company plans to make money by placing advertisements on the limited free version of the program. Users will either grow tired of viewing the advertisements and purchase the full version of PocketCloud, or they will just want to get access to their songs, videos and other media files.


Younger Employees Help To Grow Web Based Conferencing

December 14th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in News

While conference calls may have been first used by elderly executives, so called ‘Generation Y’ has helped to spread the word about the merits of video and web based conferencing. In addition to giving companies a taste of the information age, younger workers in China, Australia and Singapore are coming up with a customer acquisition strategy that involves the Internet. The youngest employees in the workplace are helping their bosses to understand why social networking is important, and how their companies can use it to gain more customers in addition to giving their seal approval on the use of video conferencing. While these employees are not usually the ones making the decisions, their influence is certainly being felt. Because the future of business depends upon these young workers to execute staff with confidence, executives are doing more than taking notes.

As more companies begin to pop up, they will duplicate successful business strategies and incorporate the use of elearning tools to help their workers catch up to their competitors. There will be no easy way for them to win the race, but since smaller workplaces usually have less employees, business owners should definitely listen to their staffs’ ideas.

A recent survey shows that the general public believes that newcomers to the corporate world are the ones with the most innovative ideas. While major corporations are busy blocking access to social networking websites, others are listening to what their employees have to say. Although all companies may not be able to benefit from video conferencing or social networking immensely, they may be able to make enough of an improvement to save some money. As more of these young workers continue to begin their tenure at major corporations, they will continue to be the first ones to come up with the most cutting edge ideas.

Technology Innovations Help US Courts To Cut Budget

December 11th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in News

Even though most court only operate during strict business hours, low cash flow levels have forced the Kandiyohi County court system to turn to technology used in off hours to keep their docket from overflowing. Traffic courts and stenographers in Kandiyohi County, South Carolina, are using technology to help both officials and citizens to fulfill their needs in an unorthodox way. For the most part, traffic court takes place over the Internet or phone there. If a driver is cited for unsafe driving practices, instead of using in-house resources, the courts in Kandiyhoi county are using third party vendors to process payments. Even jury pre-selection is done online, as citizens are prompted to use a government sponsored website to answer questions. The fact of the matter is, the economy tanked and court systems around the US simply don’t have the resources to keep full-time employees on the books anymore.

As courtrooms struggle to keep things running smoothly, the penal system also faces overcrowding. As a result, more criminals are receiving lenient sentences or are able to avoid incarceration altogether. Of course, those convicted of serious crimes in the US are also subject to steep fines, which is another measure that may help to pump more resources into the failing criminal justice system instead of exhausting them. More courts around the nation are expected to follow this trend of using technology in the place of judges, but it is not without its flaws. Sometimes, glitches can cause those who owe fines to slip into the cracks, but statics show that human error also leads to these sort of situations.

France Puts Renewable Energy Plans On Hold

December 11th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in News

Many residents and solar energy companies in France were disappointed to learn that a mandatory halt on installations was put in place. Although the announcement definitely was bad news for those looking to have their homes outfitted with solar panels, the new regulations put in place can actually save them money. French officials have been closely examining the steep rise of solar megawatt usage from 2009 to 2010, and regulators simply cannot see how the industry will survive if it continues at the same pace. As of now, solar installation companies will have to stop work on residences and private run businesses. Members of the solar energy industry have argued with officials, and demanded that the mandatory halt be cut in half. They contend that large amounts of money will be lost and workers will be without work if the extreme measure lasts for four months.

As more and more countries jump on the solar energy bandwagon, France shows that too much of a good thing can be bad, even if it is good for the environment. While everyone wants to cut their energy bill, utility companies will not be able to stay in business if they end up paying consumers for the renewable energy that is sold back to them instead of selling electricity. Perhaps it is time for utility companies to look into solar lease programs that will enable them to research the merits of switch over to a completely solar powered energy grid. For whatever reason, utility companies that use coal, gas and oil fueled power grids have been resistant to the idea of using solar energy instead. There may be strict contracts and other details that the public at large is not privy to, but as residences continue to turn to solar energy, it will be an uphill company for utility companies.

Major Rental Car Company To Add First Smart Cars

December 6th, 2010 | No Comments | Posted in News

Hertz won’t be renting the Fortwo to consumers right away, but rider in the NYC metropolitan area will be able to commute with a friend to work in a more comfortable and cost effective fashion. In an effort to promote their new ‘Connect’ program, Hertz will be rolling out the electric cars. Although the cars only seat two people, NYC commuters will be happy to ditch the subway and buses in favor of riding to work in a car. Hertz hopes that the measure will help to improve drivers safety and energy conservation among those that participate in carpools. They also hope to introduce the Fortwo to the carpool communities of California and Washington D.C. at a later date.

In a measure to promote fleet safety, Hertz believes that the small size of the electric cars will help to unclog congested roadways and get more people to carpool. The company plans to add the Fortwo to their roster of rentals, largely depending on how well they are received by carpoolers. Representatives from Smart USA, an agency that supports the use of smart cars in the US, hopes that Hertz’s initiative will give consumers easier access to smart cars, which will allow them to see how much of an asset they can be. While the cost of a brand new smart car is comparable to that of a standard vehicle, they are more energy efficient. At the same time, many consumers are not always excited about the lack of ‘get-up’ that comes with cars that are powered by electricity.