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Diamond Comics Distributors Announces Launch Of New Affiliate Program

February 25th, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Business

Digital comics have been replacing paper comics for many years now. Once publishers began to realize that comic fans were scanning and sharing the newest issues as soon as they hit the news stands the migration to digitally encrypted comics slowly began to take place. Diamond Comics Distributors has lucrative contracts with Marvel Comics, Image Comics and DC Comics and now now they are launching an affiliate marketing website that promises to be the most exciting thing that has ever happened to the industry. This will allow Diamond Comics Distributors to join the ranks of iVerse media and Comixology, which are companies that have been selling comics through online affiliates.

What makes Diamond Comics Distributors’ new affiliate program truly unique is the fact that it will be primarily focusing on the owners of comic book stores instead of on web based affiliates. Although comic book consumers are still likely to purchase a few new titles every month directly from comic book stores, they also do the majority of their shopping on line. Hundreds of comic book stores in the US have been forced to sell existing comics at discount prices or go out of business. Using a social media strategy Diamond Comics Distributors affiliates will be able to offer their customers fast access to their favorite titles without requiring them to make a physical trip to their storefront. Several other comic book distributors are following suit. By opening affiliate programs, more digital comic creators will be able to sell their comics on the open market while helping comic book store owners to stay in business. Comic book store owners may begin to think about expanding and creating new websites in order to gain new customers and comic book publishers will be able to tap into this audience while spending less money on marketing efforts.

Why Invest In Warehouse Equipment?

February 17th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in Business

Although most smart business owners know how to cut corners efficiently, few know it pays to invest. You may elect to hire temporary workers if you are not in a position to offer your staff comprehensive benefits packages, but having a loyal workforce will allow you to reach your goals faster. When it comes to warehouse equipment, there are several easy ways to keep your business operations running without a hitch. Because of the recession, many major manufacturing have been forced to close some of their warehouses while others have gone out of businesses. This has allowed start-up companies to purchase used conveyor system machinery at steep discount. This machinery may be good to start out with, but if you are meet a quota you will never know when they will inadvertently break down.

While some companies are able to be fully automated, the vast majority need to hire at least a few workers. Whether your employees use picking systems or they simply watch over your machinery, it is important to make sure that your business equipment runs consistently. Having your equipment break down unexpectedly can put you behind schedule, and it may even cause you to lose out on valuable business contracts. Not only do automated systems reduce your operating expenses, they can also keep your business running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Think about what your long-term business goals are and see if you will realistically be able to accomplish them if you use outdated and unreliable warehouse equipment. If your staff has been complaining about how difficult it is for them to reach their production goals now is the time to hear them out. Make sure that your company is able to handle increased orders by investing in new warehouse equipment that will make completing multiple tasks simpler.

Amazon Slow To Respond To Ebook Piracy

February 9th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in News

Although the Kindle has helped thousands of authors to gain exposure and even make a few books, all is not well in the world of Amazon. When most people think about piracy on the Internet they immediately think of music and movies. Now, these pirates are targeting Amazon best sellers. The worst part is that they are offering these stolen e-books in a package deal. Zipped files and bit torrents are popping up all over the web jam packed with thousands of newly released e-books every hour on the hour. The publishing industry has steadily been moving towards the e-book market because it is more economically feasible. Major publishers can still keep the lions share of the profits while authors are making mere pennies on the dollar. Amazon knows that the problem is starting to get out of hand, but they have yet to come up with a viable solution.

Independent authors are beginning to band together, but as long as they use Amazon to sell their titles they will not be able to add on security measures that would help to thwart pirates. The only thing that benefits authors is the fact that their fans wouldn’t even think of stealing their material. A single zipped file that contains hundreds of e-books that will probably not be read doesn’t present a large challenge to obscure authors at all, but well known writers may begin to suffer. Most believe that Amazon will only respond when the company notices that its profits are going down.

Hulu Execs Can’t Agree On Content

February 1st, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in News

When Internet users found out that they could upload and share videos the world began to change. Some focused on making a name for themselves by setting up Youtube channels while others began to upload a backlog of hard to find footage from TV shows that had gone off the air years ago. As these websites began to crackdown on unlicensed content, web surfers then turned to services such as Hulu. All you have to do is suffer through a few minutes of commercials every now and then, but the trade off is the ability to watch want you want when you want to. Unfortunately, it seems like the big shots at Hulu are starting to second guess themselves.

Hulu is owned by the same people that operate NBC, Disney and Fox. This means that Hulu is able to air some of the most popular TV shows and movies and generate ad revenue at an incredibly low cost. Even still, the company seems to think that the general population is actually being exposed to too much content. The idea seems bizarre at best, but perhaps these executives feel that they would be able to sell more box DVD sets if Internet users were not able to pull up their favorite episode of, “Seinfeld,” on a whim. Hulu is seriously considering taking a video on demand approach, which would force surfers to pay to watch movies and TV shows individually. If another company emerges that can simulate Hulu’s earlier structure then that might spell the end of their reign.