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Make Money With Electronics Accessories Affiliate Programs

April 28th, 2011 | Comments Off | Posted in Marketing

In today’s society, consumers eat up new technologies almost as soon as they are unveiled. Everyone has heard of technology companies like Apple, Motorola and Dell, however, what most don’t know is that there is a select group of online marketing gurus that make their money by selling digital accessories. For every single electronic that is sold, there are a number of accessories that consumers sometimes have a difficult time locating. From smart phone screen protectors to chargers, cases and headphones, some of the fastest selling products in the world can only be used if consumers have accessory to their pertinent accessories.

While many electronic accessories are available in stores, there are those that like to stand out. Custom cell phone covers aren’t very expensive, but if you can find affiliate programs that feature nothing but hard to find electronics accessories you will be able to collect a handsome income. Be certain that the products you are selling are top of the line as your customers will only come back for more if they can trust you as a vendor.

The best way to make money in this niche is to do your research. Find out what electronic devices are due out in the next few months and then look for affiliate programs that sell the accessories that go with them. Pay attention to what your competitors are promoting and then find new and creative ways to beat them to the punch. Feature the hottest electronic accessories prominently on your website and you will catch the attention of your visitors. Most of all, make sure that you enjoy the process. As you learn and discover more about new technologies you will be able to use them in different ways. Find an electronics accessories retailer with a great affiliate program and you will be well on your way.

Verizon Wireless Suing ‘Premium’ Text Messaging Companies

April 5th, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in News

Ever since cell phone companies began to allow their customers to pay for premium text messaging services simply by sending a short numerical code, thousands of oblivious consumers have been complaining about phantom charges. While some people may prefer to order ring tones, wallpaper and even physic readings through their mobile phones it seems that these companies are getting the majority of their sign-ups through dubious means. The Texas attorney general as well as Verizon Wireless have filed suit against these third party premium text messaging companies in order to get them shut down. The fact is, most of the services provided by companies like Jawa are available through cell phone carriers at a lower price. Most victims sign-up thinking that they will only be charged once but what they do not see is that they are automatically agreeing to monthly billing.

As a result, Jawa, one of the third party premium text messaging companies in question has decided to file a counter lawsuit against Verizon Wireless, claiming that the cell phone carrier has purposefully damaged its reputation. The owners of Jawa believe that the judge will rule in their favor because of their refund policy as well as their double opt-in policy. What Jawa may not want to talk about is the fact that they frequently used colorful images and text against the same color background in order to confuse users. Although these lawsuits won’t be settle for awhile consumers are becoming more aware of the negative aspect of using premium text messaging services.

Is The Rustock Botnet Really Gone Forever?

April 2nd, 2011 | No Comments | Posted in News

The Rustock botnet, which was terminated a few weeks ago with the help of Microsoft, may forever cease to exist but there are plenty of other spam companies waiting to take its place. The latest reports indicate that spam is down by more than 30% worldwide. By itself, this statistic is impressive, but when it is compared with spam levels from the same time last year it is apparent that the Internet is nowhere near close to getting rid of spammers for good.

The fact is, there are no international Internet laws, which makes it easy for spammers to setup servers in countries with few restrictions. Although most people end up ignoring messages from unknown users altogether, technology is getting more advanced. From spoofing to cloaking, spammers are using advanced methods to trick recipients into opening their emails and mail servers have not been able to keep up with the changes.

Microsoft has created an entire department, named the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit, to help law enforcement agencies both locate and understand exactly how web spam works. Because spammers focus on different kinds of messages, from the ever popular erectile dysfunction medication emails to malicious threat warnings, it will be difficult to completely eliminate this type of nuisance because it functions as a hydra. While Microsoft is confident that it will be able to one day eradicate web spam, it is important to remember that it has been around almost as long as the Internet has been in existence. Since the Rustock botnet has been down for several weeks investigators believes that it will not be coming back.