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WiMAX And Mobile Commerce

January 5th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Business

If you had asked someone what mobile commerce was 10 years ago they probably would not have had a clue and even up to 5 years ago you would still have gotten your fair share of blank stares. This type of commerce is currently expanding and growing at an unprecedented rate and more and more businesses – local, national and international – are seeing the benefits that expanding into this market can bring. Not only does it allow you to do many activities such as banking or shopping online through your mobile phone and on the move but it is also relatively safe to do so.

However, what about the new(ish) WiMAX technology and how is this aiding the commerce market? WiMAX is essentially a technology that allows large areas to easily receive fast internet through a wireless means and it was very much designed to be used with mobile phones. Indeed, it is considered a part of the 4G technology; if you have ever used internet on your phone then you will be, at least partly, familiar with 3G and you will know that your internet speed rises on your mobile device when you are in an area that can receive 3G data.

How is this good for mobile commerce? Well it means that a larger percentage of the population will be able to have access to this 4G service (that boasts speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s in some areas and as this technology is expanded to more and more cities then a significant number of consumers can use their mobile apps to do things such as banking and shopping but at greater speed and with far more ease than before. For a market that is already booming this looks like the newest technology to significantly aide its extraordinary growth.