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Technology Is Aiding Emotional Intelligence

June 18th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Business

How well do you think that you perceive other people’s emotions? Do you think that by talking to someone to studying them that you can get a good understanding of how they are feeling or how they will react to a certain situation? This all comes under emotional intelligence and it is something that a lot of businesses and professions are now turning their attention to. Surely, however, technology is actually destroying this?

Because a lot of things are now done purely through electronic means then our capacity to perceive emotions in other people has probably been diminished. Correspondence is generally done now through text or email and even meetings can be carried out over the phone so we have less and less human contact as a result and this has, to an extent, reduced our ability to understand the emotions of others. Regular face to face communication is being done away with to a degree however technology itself is not destroying the emotional intelligence in us rather parts of it is trying to actively help it. There are many programs and games out there that can help us develop your EI. Unlike IQ which remains very static throughout your life you can significantly improve your EQ skills or decrease them too over time and this is why many professions are now placing a lot of emphasis on it.

Building up relationships between clients, customers and the business is just one thing that EI is being used for now and many firms are finding that it can help to create a long term and sustainable client base. By using some of the technology on offer to help develop your emotional intelligence skills while maintaining constant interaction then you will find your EQ level rise dramatically in a short space of time.