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Diamond Comics Distributors Announces Launch Of New Affiliate Program

February 25th, 2011 Posted in Business

Digital comics have been replacing paper comics for many years now. Once publishers began to realize that comic fans were scanning and sharing the newest issues as soon as they hit the news stands the migration to digitally encrypted comics slowly began to take place. Diamond Comics Distributors has lucrative contracts with Marvel Comics, Image Comics and DC Comics and now now they are launching an affiliate marketing website that promises to be the most exciting thing that has ever happened to the industry. This will allow Diamond Comics Distributors to join the ranks of iVerse media and Comixology, which are companies that have been selling comics through online affiliates.

What makes Diamond Comics Distributors’ new affiliate program truly unique is the fact that it will be primarily focusing on the owners of comic book stores instead of on web based affiliates. Although comic book consumers are still likely to purchase a few new titles every month directly from comic book stores, they also do the majority of their shopping on line. Hundreds of comic book stores in the US have been forced to sell existing comics at discount prices or go out of business. Using a social media strategy Diamond Comics Distributors affiliates will be able to offer their customers fast access to their favorite titles without requiring them to make a physical trip to their storefront. Several other comic book distributors are following suit. By opening affiliate programs, more digital comic creators will be able to sell their comics on the open market while helping comic book store owners to stay in business. Comic book store owners may begin to think about expanding and creating new websites in order to gain new customers and comic book publishers will be able to tap into this audience while spending less money on marketing efforts.

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