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Training Tutorials Successful

July 17th, 2012 Posted in Business

One of the fastest growing sub fields within the realm of information technology is in the development and deployment of online tutorials. Businesses and corporations have been utilizing online training techniques for many years but only in recent years have both training tutorial videos and programs become so prevalent. Companies and corporations all around the world have found that making use of computer based training will allow employees to feel that they have control over their training progress and it makes them more eager to learn and become that much more productive. Many world wide banks make use of online tutorials to teach new window tellers and automated teller machine repair workers. Tutorials allow employee trainees to receive the feeling of actual hands on experience without the pressure of being in a live scenario, which can often times help alleviate feelings of fear that employees are uninformed about the technical aspects of their jobs.

There are two very broad types of tutorials which are generally offered for employee orientation or training and that is whether or not the tutorials are streamlined or free form. Streamlined tutorials are very structured, linear, and straight forward in the training information which is presented to the user while free form tutorials allow users to explore programs and information. Both types have positive and negative aspects but both types are very successful when it comes to training current and new employees on technical aspects of certain jobs. Streamlined tutorials have the benefit of transmitting training information with certainty but they can be rather restrictive and basic. Free form tutorials on the other hand allow the user to explore as deep into their training information as they wish but it comes with the possible disadvantage that the user is not focused upon particular goals. The differences between the two general types of tutorials lets trainers choose how they wish to present their training information.

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