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Edit Photos before Sharing with the Facetune App for iPhone

June 19th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Software

The App Store has many different apps that you can use for many different purposes. If you are looking for a fun app and one that allows you to completely edit your photos before you share them online, Facetune seems to be getting some rave reviews. The app costs about $3 and is essentially a portrait editor that allows you to improve how your pictures and your photo subjects look before you upload them to the internet.

Many consumers are using Facetune to improve their own looks before submitting their photos to Facebook and other social media sites as well as many online dating sites. While it may not promote complete honesty when it comes to how you look in person, some consumers like it just because they can change around photos and have fun with it.

The app gives you 10 tools that are very user friendly. Each tool has an easy interface and you can just grab the photo to zoom in and move the picture around to apply different effects. After you initially take the picture with the app, or you can load one into the app from your phone’s memory, you can start cropping it. There is a tool that will whiten your teeth so you can look like you just stepped out of the dentist’s office and one that will remove shiny looks from skin.

There is also a Details tool that lets you really make changes in great detail. You can accentuate your best features. If you want longer and fully eyelashes for instance, the tool allows you to change how your eyelashes look. You can also brighten your eyes and make them a deeper color and even change the shape of your face. Note that the Reshape tool should be used with caution. You can actually change your face shape so much that it becomes a bit distorted. A Refine button will enable you to make really fine adjustments to your face so you can cover up acne, wrinkles or anything else that you do not want showing in your photos.

A Patch tool lets you move and re-size your face and you can eliminate blemishes and other spots as well. A Tone button will enable you to change the tone of your skin or hair and make it lighter or darker. If you have a photo for instance that does not present you in the best possible light and your skin looks a bit pasty, you can darken it up a bit and make it look more natural. Of course there is also a Red Eye button so that you can remove red eyes from all of your photos and it allows you to remove blemishes and red marks as well.

Overall, the Facetune app is a fun application for iPhones that will allow you to spruce up any photo before you share it with others. It can come in quite handy if you are looking to produce a professional looking photo and you need to remove a few blemishes and other less-than-attractive aspects of your pictures.

What Is Data Masking Software?

February 7th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Software

Protecting data is of the utmost importance. In today’s highly digital age, it becomes necessary to protect privacy without ultimately sacrificing quality of data that is passed from one to another. While data de-identification has been highly successful in helping to protect privacy, data masking software may be even more effective in supporting the needs of the IT world. Using both together may just give you the security that you have been looking for.

Data masking is merely the process of concealing certain elements of information within data storage. This essentially replaces sensitive data with data that does not technically exist. Data masking is designed to make it impossible to access sensitive information and make that information unavailable to anyone outside of those authorized to access it. Data masking is done generally to test certain processes without the risk of exposure of the sensitive data included in those processes. It helps to avoid data leaking and can ensure that integrity is maintained.

In order for this to be effective however, the data being masked has to be altered so that the actual values of that data are completely impossible to determine or to reengineer. The functional appearance of any data masked is completely maintained and any authorized user can still test that data. It can be decrypted and encrypted during the establishment of security policies as well.

Data masking can easily be implemented using a variety of techniques. Shuffling will use existing data as a substitution and move the value of that data so that no value will appear in the original row. Encryption scrambles the data algorithmically and does not leave it looking like realistic data. It also tends to make the data appear bigger. Substitution can be used and this technique completely replaces data with random values chosen from previous datasets. Deleting data of course simply means that you remove any sensitive data and completely delete it. Finally, you can vary the existing values of data with a specific range so that you disguise them.

Some masking software allows you to deal with massive databases and save your masking functions so that you can use it on other databases when needed. You can maintain the integrity of your data across tables so that all of your information is masked at all times. This software is essential in the healthcare industry where patient data could be leaked and many software programs are now catered to the specific needs of the healthcare industry.

If you want to ensure complete privacy, data masking may simply not be enough. While it does allow you to hide the data from other unauthorized sources, it often works best when combined with de-identification software programs that use a combination of powerful tools to help ensure that the data is secure. Using both together may give you the safety that you want when you deal with private data. You can significantly reduce the risk of identification and still enjoy maximum information utility for your output data.

The iPad and Business Dealings

July 26th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in Consumer Electronics, Software

There was much speculation when the iPad was originally announced on whether or not the iPad would be utilized in business dealings at all. For the most part, people assumed that the revolutionary device was destined for use as a personal entertainment gadget and would not have a terribly palpable presence in the business realm. However, app developers for the iPad have been hard at work making sure that the iPad has practical uses at work for every day people. Although the iPad obviously cannot compete on the word processing front and does not function well when it comes to serious multi-tasking, this marvelous device does indeed offer some advantages and boons to office workers and even blue collar workers as well. The most prominent way in which the iPad has impacted offices all over the world is that it works as an informational storage device. Instead of having to worry about pulling out printed manuals and standard operating procedure documents one can simply bring up important memos and archives via their e-book on their iPad!

Another innovative and interesting way in which businesses are utilizing the iPad is in the restaurant business; cutting edge and chic restaurants are utilizing iPads with the restaurant’s menu set up as an interactive platform which transmits directly to the kitchen. This not only allows waiters to focus more upon a myriad of other tasks but it also offers a novelty to the restaurant which shows that they are advanced and state of the art. The iPad also has numerous convenience features which essentially replace note paper and Post-It notes to jot down important information at meetings or as to-do lists. Every day more and more apps are being developed for the iPad which is advancing it to become a much more versatile tool within the workplace. Go to Bluewhale to find out more about iPad app development.