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Upgrading the Wi-Fi Card on Your Laptop

June 2nd, 2013 Posted in Computers

Laptop computers are great for portability but unfortunately, they do not always have the amount of memory and storage that you need. Upgrading them is a common occurrence and relatively easy to do. Upgrading the Wi-Fi card on your laptop can help to improve performance as well. While most people opt to upgrade just the storage and memory and give no consideration to the Wi-Fi card on their laptops, a simple upgrade can have a major impact on how your laptop performs, giving you faster throughout and a greater range.

There are some things that you will want to think about when it comes to upgrading a Wi-Fi card or more specifically, when it comes to choosing the new card that you want to install. You have to determine whether or not your laptop uses a whitelist in the BIOS. If so, the card that you want to install may not be fully supported by your laptop. Most manufacturers do not tell you anywhere in your documentation whether or not they use a whitelist in the BIOS so you may have to hit the internet and do a bit of research to learn whether or not your laptop is going to be affected by this. You should be able to research the manufacturer and model of your laptop and find out if you are going to have problems with a new card.

You will also want to consider the size of card that you need. You can do this by finding the current card and looking at its size. New cards are typically half-eight although some laptops that are a few years old have full-eights. Your laptop may not be completely compatible with a half-eight and if you run into this problem you can simply use a bracket adapter which should solve the issue and make the new half-eight card fit properly.

When you begin the upgrade, you have to ensure that you unplug your power adapter and take out the battery if you can. If the battery cannot be removed, you will just need to proceed with caution to ensure that you do not inadvertently turn the laptop on while you have it apart. Once you have located the old card and are ready, you will need to detach the antennas. Make sure that you note how they antennas are connected so that you can properly reconnect them when you insert the new card. Remove the card from the mounting section and then lift it out.

You want to be certain that you line up the new card properly and do not put too much pressure on it when inserting it. Keep in mind that Wi-Fi cards will only go into the slot one way so if it seems as if the card will not fit, you may need to turn it. Once you have it in place, just screw it in and replace the antennas. You may need to install the drivers for the new card, although some laptops may pick up on the card and already have the drivers in place when you turn the laptop back on.

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