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Different Types of Rechargeable AA Batteries

November 6th, 2012 Posted in Consumer Electronics

When choosing AA batteries for your devices, it is important that you understand the different types of batteries that are available today. While all batteries of this size will likely power your devices, different manufacturers offer products with different capabilities. For instance, a low quality battery is not likely going to provide enough charge to even turn on your digital camera. It is essential that you know a bit about the types of batteries that are available and how to find the type that you need.

Rechargeable AA batteries are popular today because they offer savings over disposable batteries. Instead of having to replace the batteries by purchasing new ones, you simply repower the batteries that you have. These are used in digital cameras, Mp3 players, portable DVD players and a host of other electronics. Most manufacturers today offer rechargeable batteries and many provide charging stations as well so that you can easily reenergize your batteries. Many provide stations with the capability of charging up to ten batteries at once while others may offer enough space for two to four batteries.

Disposable AA batteries are those that you have to completely replace when they lose power. These are often a bit less expensive than their rechargeable counterparts which is one reason that many consumers prefer them to rechargeables. They are also a bit more wasteful because they have to be completely disposed of when they lose power. Typical or disposable AA batteries cannot be recharged and have to be disposed of properly when they are no longer in use. Because of the acid found in these batteries, they are considered to be much harsher on the environment and they can end up being more expensive because you are forced to purchase new ones every time your old batteries die out.

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