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Understanding the Hype Over the Padfone

April 17th, 2013 Posted in Consumer Electronics

Tech lovers have found much to be excited about over the past couple of years. During MCW 2013, Asus gave them one more thing to anticipate with their newest technological advance that is another in the line of tablet and phone merging. The Padfone Infinity by Asus is yet another gadget that tech lovers are sure to appreciate.

The Infinity merges the features of a smartphone with those of a tablet. It features 4G LTE connectivity and is powered by Android 4.2 operating system. It also offers a very impressive HD display along with a host of other features. The 5 inch screen has 441ppi so that pictures are viewed in the best possible light. This is a bit better than Apple’s retina display according to most tech savvy experts. Apple currently offers a 326ppi display, so the Infinity has upped the ante just a bit.

The hardware itself is very sturdy with a slider function that allows you to perfectly fit the phone. It features a rubber like finish that keeps the phone in place securely and holds it there safely. The software is very responsive. Users will find no lags in performance when they choose to switch over from the pad screen to their smartphone screen or when docking and undocking.

The Infinity has a 1.7GHz quad core CPU and can support 3G connectivity as well as the 4G LTE. The quad core chip offers optimal performance with absolutely no lag and the device can easily provide up to 19 hours of battery use with its 3G connectivity combined with talk time. The padfone has a slot for the Asus smartphone and will convert it to a Station 10.1 inch tablet. The tablets resolution is 1920X1200 and it offers full HD streaming with 1080p. You will also enjoy the battery pack that gives you up to three times more battery power and there is a 1MP camper mounted on top that allows for video calls and other images to be taken. There is a handy USB port as well.

The unit has an aluminum finish and other features include 64GB flash memory, NFC technology for easier data exchange and 2GB of RAM. The tablet can function as a smartphone and even has a dialer to make calls. You can capture up to 8 still shots per second with the camera that features a burst mode and the Echo technology which is very similar to Siri by Apple, it also included.

The Padfone Infinity by Asus is certainly an attractive device. Those who are constantly on the go and prefer not to carry larger devices with them at all times will find it very useful. The advantages of having a larger screen that is enabled as a phone is also a major attraction. The body itself is very attractive. What may not be attractive however, is the cost. The price is set to be around $1300 which may simply be a bit too steep for most tech lovers. Those who can afford it however, will find the features and capabilities to be well worth it.

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