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Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best for gaming

May 3rd, 2013 Posted in Games

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launch was a little understated, and the phone has received a certain amount of criticism in the popular press, though most of that criticism was nothing more than nitpicking and concerned mainly the amount of memory used up by preloaded software and apps and can easily be fixed by adding some extra memory to the phone’s basic 16GB. However now that those things have settled down a little and people are beginning to realise that this new device from Samsung is one of the best smartphones on the market, the phone is receiving glowing reviews in the technical press and it is being acclaimed widely and especially for its abilities as a high end gaming device.

The display on the S4 blows you away. It is the clearest display ever. Although just as in the S3 it employs Super AMOLED technology, this has been upgraded to full HD (1920 x 1080) and the difference is apparent. If you think that the iPhone 5 display is really cool, then check out the Galaxy S4; it is clearly superior. The colour cast which could give the S3 display a blue tint if you viewed it really close to has completely gone, the contrast ratio has been increased, and the brightness level is very good (though possibly not quite as high as the iPhone 5).

The UK version of the S4 has a quad core processor while versions launched in other countries boast an 8 core processor. However there seems to be little difference between the two in terms of raw speed and both are ideal for playing even console type multiplayer games. They are certainly more than adequate for playing online slots games for which the S4 is the perfect device. The Android mobile casino from Jackpot City is the perfect companion to the Galaxy S4, the best phone in the world for gaming.

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