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Big Changes Coming for Digg Users

March 22nd, 2010 Posted in Internet

As one of the big innovations of the first half of the new millennium’s first decade, digital enterprise Digg has served its users with the ability to ‘digg’ pages that they like in an effort to leverage the Web 2.0 interface and share content. Changes are said to be coming from the company now that will mean they are getting rid of their standard Digg Bar, a content viewer made with iFrame technology. The iFrame system has caused a great deal of controversy for the company since it first came out last year because of technical issues that gave users a time they did not enjoy, a bad business move for the Digg brand name. Instead, the company seeks to turn to an area that more users will likely appreciate: browser extensions. These small pieces of code offer much of the same function as the iFrame method offered to users, but makes the process more friendly, easier to use and less of a drain on critical system resources. The add ons will be updated soon, according to Mark Rose, the Digg CEO, and the Digg Bar will also be gone from the site. Domains that were banned over the course of 2009 will be unbanned, another move that many analysts in the social media industry are not all keen on. The argument is that the unbanning of these sites may lead to a great deal of ‘junk’ news on a site designed to feature user supported news, but according to Rose there will be special filters set up to sift through items that may be against the Digg terms of service.

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