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Choosing the Right FTP Host

July 26th, 2012 Posted in Internet

One of the biggest revolutions in communications in the past few years has been the rise of file transfer protocol, better known by its abbreviation of FTP. Private citizens and businesses both big and small all share information across the Internet and they wish to do so in a very quick and secure manner. In the past, FTP was only used by web professionals as an almost obscure way to upload and download large content data files but now it is one of the most common ways for large businesses such as Microsoft and Adobe to distribute and share files with one another and their customer base. For quite a while many businesses and vendors simply utilized e-mail as a way of sending large amounts of information to one another but they quickly discovered that e-mail can be slow, require a lot of server space, and was potentially not secure.

FTP hosting is now one of the most common ways to distribute large amounts of information for individuals and businesses. However, before choosing an FTP hosting provider one should consider the many different characteristics they are looking for. For example, does the FTP host have a dedication to file transfer applications which offers many different user options? What about speed rates for the file transfer? Is the hosting very secure? Questions such as this can help one figure out which FTP hosting company they are interested in dealing with or what type of FTP services are right for them. If security is the key feature then it is good to know that Maytech offers secure file sharing. Other considerations such as backup accessibility and compatibility are also very important factors that should be realized as well. When the potential customer has identified what it is they value most out of their FTP hosting services they can then more effectively choose the FTP hosting company that is right for them.

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