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What Are The Different Types Of Broadband Available?

February 15th, 2013 Posted in Internet

It can be really hard to decide what broadband to pick to have installed in your home, particularly if this is something that you do not know much about. It is easy to be flummoxed by all the different types of internet connections that are on the market and if you don’t understand what they are, then it is even harder for you to ensure that you find the right broadband to meet your needs.

There are two main types of broadband that you can choose from; DSL and Cable broadband. These each have their own advantages and are each suitable for different things – as outlined below.

1. DSL Broadband

DSL broadband is a wired broadband that uses your phone line to allow you to access the internet. This is great as it means that it is accessible to everybody that has a phone line and while DSL broadband used to mean that you were unable to talk on the phone while you were on the internet, new technology means you can use your phone and internet simultaneously.

2. Cable Broadband

Cable Broadband makes sure that you don’t have to be sat at the computer for a very long time waiting for pages to load. It is extremely fast but comes in plenty of different forms, with one of the most common being fibre optic broadband.

This type of broadband is extremely popular and uses cables under the ground rather than telephone lines in order to achieve faster speeds. Fibre optic broadband isn’t available everywhere though, especially if you live in a rural area, but companies are working hard to try to increase its coverage. With cable broadband, you may be able to get a good deal if you use a cable provider for your television and phone too. This often makes it a very popular option as you are able to get all three together under one package.

Whether you think that DSL broadband or cable broadband is the option for you, there are plenty of really good deals with both. Plenty of providers offer these services and have brilliant reviews too, such as BT Fibre Optic Broadband which ensures that you will get a fast and reliable connection no matter what.

Whether you opt for cable or DSL, getting the right service for you is important and will mean that you can browse the net easily and without problem.

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