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Amazon Slow To Respond To Ebook Piracy

February 9th, 2011 Posted in News

Although the Kindle has helped thousands of authors to gain exposure and even make a few books, all is not well in the world of Amazon. When most people think about piracy on the Internet they immediately think of music and movies. Now, these pirates are targeting Amazon best sellers. The worst part is that they are offering these stolen e-books in a package deal. Zipped files and bit torrents are popping up all over the web jam packed with thousands of newly released e-books every hour on the hour. The publishing industry has steadily been moving towards the e-book market because it is more economically feasible. Major publishers can still keep the lions share of the profits while authors are making mere pennies on the dollar. Amazon knows that the problem is starting to get out of hand, but they have yet to come up with a viable solution.

Independent authors are beginning to band together, but as long as they use Amazon to sell their titles they will not be able to add on security measures that would help to thwart pirates. The only thing that benefits authors is the fact that their fans wouldn’t even think of stealing their material. A single zipped file that contains hundreds of e-books that will probably not be read doesn’t present a large challenge to obscure authors at all, but well known writers may begin to suffer. Most believe that Amazon will only respond when the company notices that its profits are going down.

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