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Apple In Battery Blunder

November 4th, 2011 Posted in News

The Apple iPhone is generally considered to be one of the least flawed Smartphone’s on the market today and, aside from a few problems here and there, they are generally always of a high quality build. However the company that has revolutionized the way in which we see technology and use it has admitted that the battery in the new iPhone 4s has some serious flaws in its lifespan.

Since the release of the iPhone 4s last month users have been complaining that the battery life is deficient and many have revealed that they have been constantly charging up their phones – far more than is usually expected. Some users have said that by turning off notifications (emails and social networking updates that are sent directly to the phone) and also turning off the automatic time zone adjustment they have had some success with the battery problem and have managed to squeeze a few more hours out of it but still it doesn’t perform like it should do.

Consumers bombarded the Apple forums with complaints and it now seems as though the company have listened as they have released a statement acknowledging the problem and are intent on fixing it. However, any Apple users that are hoping for quick fix and return to full battery life are going to be disappointed as it is expected to be weeks before the problem is completely rectified with the company saying that the issue lies with an error in the new iOS 5 operating system.

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