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AT&T Releases New Packages Aimed At Keeping iPhone 4 Owners Satisfied

March 3rd, 2011 Posted in News

Although iPhone 4 fans patiently awaited the day that the smart phone was made available with Verizon Wireless there was no mass exodus of AT&T customers. Instead, tens of thousands of new Verizon Wireless customers signed up and purchased their very first iPhone4. Both companies engaged in smart pricing just prior to the day that the iPhone 4 became available at Verizon Wireless. Customers soon noticed that Verizon Wireless not only gave consumers more packaging choices but also gave them better prices. This may be why AT&T has just announced their $45 hotspot service plan – a feature that has been available at Verizon Wireless for some time now. AT&T has also released a host of packages aimed at the owner of other Apple products such as the iPad and the iPod.

Simply put, AT&T is trying to position itself as the best cell phone carrier so that when the iPhone 5 is released consumers will naturally by the smart phone from them. Because both cell phone carriers require customers to sign two year contracts they are hoping that the costly cancellation fee will keep customers from switching to another provider. The fact is, many previous iPhone owners’ contracts are almost up. If AT&T continues to offer packages that simply put them on the same level as Verizon Wireless then they aren’t giving consumers enough incentives. Verizon Wireless has better phone coverage, which keep their customers’ calls from being unexpectedly dropped, and their fees are usually written out in plain language.

It may be well over a year before it become obvious which company has been able to retain the largest percentage of iPhone users, but AT&T depends on the iPhone a lot more than Verizon Wireless does. Hopefully AT&T can start making some more smart moves that will help them to be the preferred carrier of the world’s most popular smart phones. Visit Phones4u for more information on the iPhone 4.

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