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Facebook Denies Smart Phone Rumors

January 29th, 2011 Posted in News

For whatever reason, Facebook users and social networking fans have been throwing around rumors of an HTC Facebook smart phone. Once again, Facebook has asserted that they are not developing a smart phone and that they have no plans to make one in the future. While a Facebook smart phone would probably do okay as far as sales go, the fact is that most smart phones are already capable of logging into nearly every social networking website in the world. Besides, Facebook already worked closely with the INQ1, so there would be no need to do again via the Android.

There are plenty of smart phones such as The Torch and the iPhone 4 that have Facebook applications fully integrated in them. What developers at Facebook are working on are new applications and features that will help mobile users to get the full ‘Facebook’ effect while on the go. The Facebook smart phone rumor was traced back to a piece written on CityAM. Since there have been no contacts at Facebook who would confirm the rumors, it is hard to understand how this rumor really got started in the first place.

As new smart phones come on the market manufacturers are working hand and hand with app developers and social networking sites to give users the best mobile experience possible. If Facebook does ever decide to market a smart phone they will need to make sure that users will still be able to access other social networking websites such as Twitter. It may not seem like a big deal considering that nearly everyone on the planet has a Facebook account, but blocking or limiting access to competitors would give other social networking a chance to seize the moment. You can visit http://www.phones4u.co.uk for more information on the Blackberry Torch as well as other smart phones.

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