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Group Chat Software Still A Long Way From Launching Despite Raising $10 Million

January 7th, 2011 Posted in News

GroupMe, a group text messaging software that was first developed in May of last year may change the way that texting is done in the future, but the start-up company still has a lot of work to do. The platform that GroupMe uses is quite simple. A user initiates a group text session by assigning a group of contact a single ‘phone number.’ After the first text is sent, everyone in the group is able to communicate in a manner that is similar to conference calling. As of now, texts can simultaneously be sent to groups of people, but recipients have no way of responding back to everyone within their group. Teens may get a kick out of GroupMe’s groundbreaking technology, but business professionals may find that they are not able to live without it.

Users can access a beta version of the software for free, but the company has just been able to raise $10 million in funding. Unless the creators of GroupMe are somehow able to incorporate advertisements within the software, users will ultimately have to pay a fee to use it. Engineers are still hard at work, making the software more user friendly and eliminating glitches. The company’s founders described fund raising as little more than a nuisance, but having the money to fund a global launch is a necessity. If you would like to try out GroupMe for yourself, you will need to have a cell phone and at least two people on your contact list. After trying out this group text software you might want to find out how you can invest in this start-up company yourself.

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