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Hulu Execs Can’t Agree On Content

February 1st, 2011 Posted in News

When Internet users found out that they could upload and share videos the world began to change. Some focused on making a name for themselves by setting up Youtube channels while others began to upload a backlog of hard to find footage from TV shows that had gone off the air years ago. As these websites began to crackdown on unlicensed content, web surfers then turned to services such as Hulu. All you have to do is suffer through a few minutes of commercials every now and then, but the trade off is the ability to watch want you want when you want to. Unfortunately, it seems like the big shots at Hulu are starting to second guess themselves.

Hulu is owned by the same people that operate NBC, Disney and Fox. This means that Hulu is able to air some of the most popular TV shows and movies and generate ad revenue at an incredibly low cost. Even still, the company seems to think that the general population is actually being exposed to too much content. The idea seems bizarre at best, but perhaps these executives feel that they would be able to sell more box DVD sets if Internet users were not able to pull up their favorite episode of, “Seinfeld,” on a whim. Hulu is seriously considering taking a video on demand approach, which would force surfers to pay to watch movies and TV shows individually. If another company emerges that can simulate Hulu’s earlier structure then that might spell the end of their reign.

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