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Inside Look At The Newest iPod

July 10th, 2011 Posted in News

Now that the iPod has been on the market for several years, the excitement has started to diminish. Add to that the fact that the iPhone and the iPad are two of the hottest products that Apple has ever created, and you don’t have to wonder why Apple has been keeping its plans for the iPod pretty hush-hush. The iPod quickly rose as the world’s most popular Mp3 player, but now that smart phones have more music capabilities, just how will Apple create a new generation that rouses the interests of consumers?

The first major change that Apple has made to the new iPod touch is 3G connectivity. Instead of having to search for a WiFi hotspot, users will be able to connect to the iTunes stores, no matter where they are. This one feature alone will help Apple to cash in on impulse music purchases. Have you ever heard a song that you loved and wanted to download at that instant? Now, you can get the music that you want without needing to sync up your device to your computer.

Basically, the look and feel of the iPod Touch will stay the same. Users will be able to store thousands of hours of music on their portable devices and they will also be able to browse through their music collections on a whim. Sometimes, its best to leave what works alone and add on the most technologically advanced features. Apple seems to have this line of thinking down packed.

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