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Laws Getting Harsher on Mobile Phone Use While Driving

June 6th, 2010 Posted in News

Authorities have long been none too impressed quite a few drivers being able to both talk and drive, claiming that such a situation can lead to increased accidents and citing study after study that they claim proves the facts. While experts may never know precisely how these situations affect us, the laws themselves are getting much harsher in many parts of the world, in particular, areas where the iPhone is especially popular. This has proven to be a problem for many who rely on the mobile device as much more than a mere phone. For many of these users, the phone is a life line that keeps them in touch with their business or family in case of emergencies. The new digital family is deeply connected through such technology and it is not terribly pleasant for them to abandon the devices simply because they are operating a motor vehicle.

So the industry is beginning to fight back against the laws and releasing a myriad of hands free devices that allow for drivers to make even more use of their phones. Sites like Phones4u offer not only smart phones, but a range of specialized accessories that allow for the iPhone to be much more versatile in a driving situation while remaining both hands free and totally legal. Some of these devices will enable the phone to be heard through the car’s sound system and others are similar to Bluetooth headsets that have become all the rage in the tech crowd these days.

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