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Major Rental Car Company To Add First Smart Cars

December 6th, 2010 Posted in News

Hertz won’t be renting the Fortwo to consumers right away, but rider in the NYC metropolitan area will be able to commute with a friend to work in a more comfortable and cost effective fashion. In an effort to promote their new ‘Connect’ program, Hertz will be rolling out the electric cars. Although the cars only seat two people, NYC commuters will be happy to ditch the subway and buses in favor of riding to work in a car. Hertz hopes that the measure will help to improve drivers safety and energy conservation among those that participate in carpools. They also hope to introduce the Fortwo to the carpool communities of California and Washington D.C. at a later date.

In a measure to promote fleet safety, Hertz believes that the small size of the electric cars will help to unclog congested roadways and get more people to carpool. The company plans to add the Fortwo to their roster of rentals, largely depending on how well they are received by carpoolers. Representatives from Smart USA, an agency that supports the use of smart cars in the US, hopes that Hertz’s initiative will give consumers easier access to smart cars, which will allow them to see how much of an asset they can be. While the cost of a brand new smart car is comparable to that of a standard vehicle, they are more energy efficient. At the same time, many consumers are not always excited about the lack of ‘get-up’ that comes with cars that are powered by electricity.

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