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New iPhone May Arrive from Verizon

October 15th, 2010 Posted in News

Verizon Wireless may be releasing an iPhone according to rumors that have been circulating. If this were to happen, experts are agreeing that it would be a big deal not just towards Verizon and Apple, but AT&T would be impacted because they would those their exclusivity for Apple’s iPhone. While this news remains unofficial at this time, reports from many sources have increased regarding the iPhone and Verizon Wireless. One of these sources, The Wall Street Journal, has reported throughout the year that Apple is planning on mass producing a CDMA phone, and last week according the Journal, Verizon was named as the desired source for the CDMA phone to land. Reports have also said that Verizon recently used Android as a test run for increased date use, which indicates preparing to better deal with a large data load. In other reports, there have been notes that unlike past occurrences, Verizon is no longer denying that it will be supplying the iPhone, and a related fact, Verizon announced that they will be selling the iPad, which suggests a relationship between the two companies.

Another interesting note is that recently, termination fees at At&T were raised to over $300, and some experts say this may be done with the foresight that customers may leave that carrier for Verizon. When questioned about when consumers could possibly expect an iPhone from Verizon, the general consensus was in January, although it would more than likely not be a new model, because Apple generally introduces their new products once a year in June or July.

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