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New Technologies to Watch for in the Coming Months

May 6th, 2013 Posted in News

New technologies are introduced every day and many wait anxiously to see just what is going to be released next. Technology has already provided things like cars that parallel park themselves, smartphones and a number of other gadgets that some consumers simply do not want to live without. With recent advances in technology, there are a number of new gadgets that could hit markets as early as late 2013.

Google has filed a patent for a smart-watch design although there is no word on when this design will actually be available to consumers. Many smartphone manufacturers are rumored to be working on devices that will work just like a smartphone but come in a handy watch design. Imagine having all of the computing technology available in a watch. This is definitely something that some tech savvy consumers will be watching for earlier next year.

Digital currency is another rumor that could actually come to fruition within the next couple of years. Bitcoin is very popular already and is a secure way to manage online transactions. The only problem right now is that there is no central regulatory authority so the value of Bitcoin fluctuates quite a bit. Values may go from $5 to $200 and then back again quickly but with the right regulations in place and a bit more work, this could definitely be something to watch for.

Brainwave authentication is not new to researchers although consumers may have never heard of this technology. Scientists at the University of California in Berkley have been working on an authentication protocol that is more secure than anything seen thus far. A Bluetooth headset has been developed that will identify the wave patterns and brain activity using concentration and emotion areas within the brain which could unlock their secure systems. More studies and research are currently being done but given the advances in technology over the past five years alone, this is certainly something that consumers may see available within the next year or so.

Finally, 3-D printing is likely a thing of the very near future. 3-D printing involves printing solid objects and doing so with a printing machine that is guided by a computer program. The overall concept has gained much popularity over the past year alone. The concept itself is nothing new but the advancement will be in building huge 3-D printers that can handle multiple tasks which smaller printers cannot handle at the moment.

Technology is going to continue to change and grow and as it does, more and more gadgets will be introduced to consumers. These are all things to watch for in the coming months into the next year or so. Beyond that, there is no way to tell just what scientists and tech savvy researchers are going to come up with that will be the next big thing for consumers to use. Cars that fly may actually not be as far into the future as many believe and as technology increases, so does the possibility of seeing these and other advances.

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