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Professional Hockey Team Initiates ‘Technology Recycling Day’

December 5th, 2010 Posted in News

In an effort to raise awareness about problems that technological products pose to the environment, The Buffalo Sabres hockey team will be sponsoring ‘Technology Recycling Day’ at the HSBC Arena, in Buffalo, New York on December 6th. The Sabres are encouraging all of their fans to begin similar efforts during the rest of the year, but Technology Recycling Day will be used as the model to show everyone how easy it can be. All participants will receive coupons to be used at the Sabres official store, and Buffalo residents unable to attend can call a specified number to schedule a pick-up. Spare computer parts, broken cell phones, outdated computer hardware, old fax machines and printers and just about anything with a computerized component will be recycled and reused. The Sabres state that proceeds from the event will be used for their ‘Green Team’ Foundation.

Computer parts and other technological devices sit in landfills, taking up valuable space when they could easily be recycled and reused if people would take they to the proper venues. Some of the dangerous chemicals that sit inside of monitors can also be very hazard if they seep out. While consumers are more likely to hang onto old computer parts now than in previous years, when they ultimately get rid of them, the parts still are destined for the dump. While traditional recycling facilities are not usually equipped to handle used computer parts, a quick Internet search will tell you where you can go to drops yours off at.

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