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Retailers Getting Better at Marketing Smart Phones to Women

June 6th, 2010 Posted in News

According to stats that have been coming in from a number of retailers around the market these days, many stores have just started to determine ways that they can market more effectively to the female gender. It turns out that some stores have been having trouble trying to woo a female audience. While online retailers with excellent bargains, such as Dialaphone, have long appealed to savvy female shoppers, the brick and mortar stores that specialize in electronics have not been able to win over the female customers who tend to go with smaller shops in the boutique style that are popular at local malls. In fact, the media and blogosphere has gone so far as to compare some of the larger electronics shops as being the geeky guy that just can’t get the girls. All humor aside, analysts believe retailers are going to have to try very hard to pull in the core female audience that use these products or risk serious problems in the future as they attempt to expand their presence.

Smart phone makers have not had near the struggle that the offline giant retailers are experiencing. In fact, new models such as the HTC Desire available now over the web are really pulling a very strong female audience. The core user base remains male for most smart phones in general, but the level of females opting for the Desire is definitely outpacing many other makes and models. This bodes well for the market and should help the technology evolve that much faster say analysts.

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