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Satellite Radio On Smart Phones Could Lead To Increased Sales For Sirus XM

March 7th, 2011 Posted in News

Sirus SM Radio has developed partnerships with several major car manufacturers in order to increase their subscriptions. Even still, the company is looking to convert older model vehicle owners into paying customers by developing apps for the Android, the Blackberry and other smart phones. The idea is that smart phone owners who use their vehicles for work and travel will be more likely to invest in XM power cords and other peripherals that will allow them to tap into satellite radio while they are on the road. It is not known how long it will take for these apps to become available for download, but Sirius XM executives are cautiously optimistic.

The costs associated with having a Sirus XM satellite radio installed in a vehicle are not unreasonable, but when they are combined with years subscription fees many consumers just aren’t able to afford them. This new effort will help Sirius XM Radio to attract with more customers with restrictive budgets as they will get a better value with their subscriptions.

In the early part of the new millennium Sirus and XM were two separate companies vying for the same customers. After both companies courted major DJs and invested millions of dollars into their marketing efforts they eventually decided to merge. Now Sirius XM Radio has to face low new car sales as well as problems with customer retention. Although new car owners are able to purchase packages that includes a pre-installed XM antenna there is little incentive to renew their subscriptions.

Some consumers have asked for more radio station options although the company already offers more than 100 channels in total. Sirius XM Radio offers discounts for loyal customers as well as for consumers that pay for their years subscriptions in advance. Now that most smart phone owners look to see if there are apps that they can use in conjunction with the products and services that they use, Sirius XM Radio may be able to convince consumers that their subscriptions are a better value. Retail stores and online merchants offers most of the accessories needed to listen to satellite radio at a low price, however, they are not all compatible for all model vehicles. Sirus XM Radio has also branched out into radios made for home use. Their app development will give customers a convenient way to enjoy their favorite radio programming in their cars, homes and even the office.

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