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Smart Phone App Makes Remote Computing Easy

December 16th, 2010 Posted in News

The smart phone application developer Wyse has made it possible for tech junkies to have access to everything on their desktop computer even when they are miles away from home. Other technological advances such as WiFi and remote access have given travelers the option to access files and programs while on the go, but this app will let users connect to their notebook and desktop computer through wireless access. If you are an iPhone or iPad owner, you may own more Apple products but this app is a great benefit for pc users. Not many programs are pc and Macintosh compatible, and certainly even fewer will allow you to essentially connect both devices.

A free version of the PocketCloud app is available for download, but users will have to purchase the paid version in order to stream videos that are stored on your desktop. This app will definitely come in handy on those days that you forget to email an important files, but a lot of people already keep backup files on their laptops. For the most part, PocketCloud will be used to play videos and songs that users just don’t feel like uploading to other computing devices. Using their smart phone as a hub, this application will save consumers a lot of time because they will no longer need to put multiple copies of files on all of their computers.

Although a lot of people were left wondering why Wyse would offer such a valuable application for free, but the company plans to make money by placing advertisements on the limited free version of the program. Users will either grow tired of viewing the advertisements and purchase the full version of PocketCloud, or they will just want to get access to their songs, videos and other media files.


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