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T Mobile to Give Users $350 to Trade in iPhone

February 10th, 2010 Posted in News

In a move that has stunned many in the mobile device crowd, mobile service provider T Mobile recently announced a plan to offer users of the Apple iPhone up to $350 of trade in value for their old device. The iPhone will need to be in working order for the person to be able to receive the full value, but it does give users of mobile devices the choice of owning an HTC HD2, one of the competing smart phones on the market today. Normally, T Mobile sells the HTC HD2 for around $200 if the user opts for a two year contract or $450 if they choose not to opt into a contract for the phone. This means that if the user opted for the two year contract they would have $250 in their pocket, but even if they chose not to go with T Mobile for their service provider, they would be able to walk away with $100 HTC HD2 phone which has majorly impressed many sources disseminating this story across the United States where T Mobile is a major provider.

Reviewers have noted that the Windows Phone 6.5 operating system is not quite as powerful or attractive as the competing OS such as those from Android or Apple, but the HTC HD2 is the only device currently officially sanctioned by Microsoft to receive Windows Phone 7, an upcoming release that has many eagerly awaiting it. The HTC offers a large, impressive screen and its own GUI known as Sense which many have expressed favor for. This aggressive promotion appears to be designed to increase usage of the Windows Phone OS, according to experts in the industry.

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