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Verizon Wireless Suing ‘Premium’ Text Messaging Companies

April 5th, 2011 Posted in News

Ever since cell phone companies began to allow their customers to pay for premium text messaging services simply by sending a short numerical code, thousands of oblivious consumers have been complaining about phantom charges. While some people may prefer to order ring tones, wallpaper and even physic readings through their mobile phones it seems that these companies are getting the majority of their sign-ups through dubious means. The Texas attorney general as well as Verizon Wireless have filed suit against these third party premium text messaging companies in order to get them shut down. The fact is, most of the services provided by companies like Jawa are available through cell phone carriers at a lower price. Most victims sign-up thinking that they will only be charged once but what they do not see is that they are automatically agreeing to monthly billing.

As a result, Jawa, one of the third party premium text messaging companies in question has decided to file a counter lawsuit against Verizon Wireless, claiming that the cell phone carrier has purposefully damaged its reputation. The owners of Jawa believe that the judge will rule in their favor because of their refund policy as well as their double opt-in policy. What Jawa may not want to talk about is the fact that they frequently used colorful images and text against the same color background in order to confuse users. Although these lawsuits won’t be settle for awhile consumers are becoming more aware of the negative aspect of using premium text messaging services.

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