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Wireless Options Could Make Charging Electric Cars Easier

November 24th, 2012 Posted in News

Wireless charging is a technology that has been used widely over the past few years. Many feel that it could help to lessen range anxiety while some drivers remain completely unconvinced. Because many consumers with electric cars feel the need for something a bit more memorable than a plug in cord to charge, many companies such as Rolls-Royce, Nissan, Qualcomm and Delphi have worked to developed wireless technology that provides easier charging.

With this technology, drivers simply have to park their vehicles above a device that is installed into their garage floor or home parking space. The device will power up their vehicles without the need for remembering to plug those cars in each evening for recharging. Other ideas are floating around about wireless charging devices as well. Some have proposed roads that are to be fitted with charging devices so motorists will simply need to drive along the road and continue charging their cars as they reach their destinations.

Researchers are currently working on ways of recharging medical devices like pacemakers and may have developed a technology that eliminates radio emissions which is a major problem in the placement of many charging devices. A safer method that offers higher efficiency and employs a remote magnetic gear may be next in line. This new power approach will use a simple magnetic field interaction that will be placed between two magnets that pivot and are separated by air. A transmitter magnet will be used below and a receiver magnet will be placed in the car. When the motor turns the magnet on the bottom, the field will cause the magnet on the top to also turn and a small generator will charge the car’s battery. This is a much more efficient way of recharging than what electric car owners have now and could be the future of recharging not only cars but a number of medical products as well.

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