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Younger Employees Help To Grow Web Based Conferencing

December 14th, 2010 Posted in News

While conference calls may have been first used by elderly executives, so called ‘Generation Y’ has helped to spread the word about the merits of video and web based conferencing. In addition to giving companies a taste of the information age, younger workers in China, Australia and Singapore are coming up with a customer acquisition strategy that involves the Internet. The youngest employees in the workplace are helping their bosses to understand why social networking is important, and how their companies can use it to gain more customers in addition to giving their seal approval on the use of video conferencing. While these employees are not usually the ones making the decisions, their influence is certainly being felt. Because the future of business depends upon these young workers to execute staff with confidence, executives are doing more than taking notes.

As more companies begin to pop up, they will duplicate successful business strategies and incorporate the use of elearning tools to help their workers catch up to their competitors. There will be no easy way for them to win the race, but since smaller workplaces usually have less employees, business owners should definitely listen to their staffs’ ideas.

A recent survey shows that the general public believes that newcomers to the corporate world are the ones with the most innovative ideas. While major corporations are busy blocking access to social networking websites, others are listening to what their employees have to say. Although all companies may not be able to benefit from video conferencing or social networking immensely, they may be able to make enough of an improvement to save some money. As more of these young workers continue to begin their tenure at major corporations, they will continue to be the first ones to come up with the most cutting edge ideas.

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