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New Technologies to Watch for in the Coming Months

May 6th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in News

New technologies are introduced every day and many wait anxiously to see just what is going to be released next. Technology has already provided things like cars that parallel park themselves, smartphones and a number of other gadgets that some consumers simply do not want to live without. With recent advances in technology, there are a number of new gadgets that could hit markets as early as late 2013.

Google has filed a patent for a smart-watch design although there is no word on when this design will actually be available to consumers. Many smartphone manufacturers are rumored to be working on devices that will work just like a smartphone but come in a handy watch design. Imagine having all of the computing technology available in a watch. This is definitely something that some tech savvy consumers will be watching for earlier next year.

Digital currency is another rumor that could actually come to fruition within the next couple of years. Bitcoin is very popular already and is a secure way to manage online transactions. The only problem right now is that there is no central regulatory authority so the value of Bitcoin fluctuates quite a bit. Values may go from $5 to $200 and then back again quickly but with the right regulations in place and a bit more work, this could definitely be something to watch for.

Brainwave authentication is not new to researchers although consumers may have never heard of this technology. Scientists at the University of California in Berkley have been working on an authentication protocol that is more secure than anything seen thus far. A Bluetooth headset has been developed that will identify the wave patterns and brain activity using concentration and emotion areas within the brain which could unlock their secure systems. More studies and research are currently being done but given the advances in technology over the past five years alone, this is certainly something that consumers may see available within the next year or so.

Finally, 3-D printing is likely a thing of the very near future. 3-D printing involves printing solid objects and doing so with a printing machine that is guided by a computer program. The overall concept has gained much popularity over the past year alone. The concept itself is nothing new but the advancement will be in building huge 3-D printers that can handle multiple tasks which smaller printers cannot handle at the moment.

Technology is going to continue to change and grow and as it does, more and more gadgets will be introduced to consumers. These are all things to watch for in the coming months into the next year or so. Beyond that, there is no way to tell just what scientists and tech savvy researchers are going to come up with that will be the next big thing for consumers to use. Cars that fly may actually not be as far into the future as many believe and as technology increases, so does the possibility of seeing these and other advances.

Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best for gaming

May 3rd, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Games

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launch was a little understated, and the phone has received a certain amount of criticism in the popular press, though most of that criticism was nothing more than nitpicking and concerned mainly the amount of memory used up by preloaded software and apps and can easily be fixed by adding some extra memory to the phone’s basic 16GB. However now that those things have settled down a little and people are beginning to realise that this new device from Samsung is one of the best smartphones on the market, the phone is receiving glowing reviews in the technical press and it is being acclaimed widely and especially for its abilities as a high end gaming device.

The display on the S4 blows you away. It is the clearest display ever. Although just as in the S3 it employs Super AMOLED technology, this has been upgraded to full HD (1920 x 1080) and the difference is apparent. If you think that the iPhone 5 display is really cool, then check out the Galaxy S4; it is clearly superior. The colour cast which could give the S3 display a blue tint if you viewed it really close to has completely gone, the contrast ratio has been increased, and the brightness level is very good (though possibly not quite as high as the iPhone 5).

The UK version of the S4 has a quad core processor while versions launched in other countries boast an 8 core processor. However there seems to be little difference between the two in terms of raw speed and both are ideal for playing even console type multiplayer games. They are certainly more than adequate for playing online slots games for which the S4 is the perfect device. The Android mobile casino from Jackpot City is the perfect companion to the Galaxy S4, the best phone in the world for gaming.

Top casino games for your tablet

April 30th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Games

Online casinos have long been popular vehicles through which gamers have been able to access casino gaming from their homes. However, as technology has improved, the devices through which people use today have different needs. In order to keep up with the times and offer products that their consumers need, online casinos have begun to offer versions of the casinos for these devices. For instance, one popular device today is the tablet. Given its different dimensions as well as touch screen capabilities, online casinos have developed versions of their casinos games that are tailored for the best possible performance on these devices.

A top casino game that is available for play on tablets is the slot machine game, Pub Fruity. This particular slot machine features traditional symbols found on classic machines. These symbols would include lemons, oranges, cherries, watermelons and grapes. A special symbol, known as the Pub Fruity symbol, is also included. This symbol can help increase one’s winning. By getting at least three Pub Fruity symbols, players can receive a payout of up to 250 times their original bet.

Tablet users will find that the Pub Fruity slot machine, found at www.luckynuggetcasino.com/online-slots, comes with special features that aren’t often found with this kind of casino games. For example, there is a hold feature on this game. This means that if on two reels, you get the same symbols you can opt to hold those two. Then the third reel can be respun to get another symbol. A second special feature would include the nudge option. If you have two of the same symbol on two of the reels, and you see that a third reel is close to the same symbol, the nudge feature can be used to try to “nudge” it into place. These special features are some of the reasons why Pub Fruity is a popular casino game for tablets.

NFC Technology in the Automotive Industry

April 24th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Consumer Electronics

Near Field Communication or NFC technology has grown significantly over the last two or three years. So much so in fact that many automobile manufacturers are now working with NFC providers to plan innovative applications for use in future automobiles. NFC providers are continuously working on applications that can be used to stream and transfer data directly inside automobiles.

Most cars today, depending on the manufacturer and brand, offer state of the art features such as infotainment, navigation and others. NFC technology experts have conducted research on using wireless connectivity inside an automobile. This wireless technology is critical in allowing the transfer of content from smart phones and personal tablets to automobile navigation and entertainment systems. Wireless systems will eventually replace the cabling system that is now used for data transfer and communication inside vehicles and will be a much less expensive way of doing things.

Texas Instruments, one of the leading NFC technology developers in the world, has developed an NFC chip that will assist in achieving this wireless connectivity. The system is called WiLink 8Q and integrates such current technologies as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GNSS and NFC in order to achieve a wireless connection between the device that the diver uses and any devices that passengers inside the car may be using as well. NFC enabled smart phones and tablets currently require that an NFC tag is used in order to allow this data communication. NFC tags can be purchased at a number of online shops such as Amazon. Texas Instruments is currently developing a prototype of their equipment model and plans to release this prototype during the 2013 second quarter. Production could begin as early as 2014 and the solution is targeted toward automobile manufacturers that produce vehicles in higher volumes.

Ving Card Elsafe is another company that is developing further NFC technology. The company has partnered with automobile giant BMW to begin development on a device that will allow drivers to book a hotel room directly from their vehicle and then use their own vehicle’s keys to open that room when they arrive. This development is targeted toward business travelers who may need to book last minute hotel rooms and arrive at odd hours of the night.

The navigation system inside the BMW will allow drivers to locate and book their hotel rooms as well as perform various searches for vacancies. Rooms will need to be within a specific range set by NFC standards and once a room is found, the driver can choose the booking directly from his or her vehicle. When the reservation has been confirmed, the navigation system inside the vehicle will alert the driver of their room number and will provide guidance for reaching that hotel. An access code that allows the driver to open the hotel room with their car keys will be downloaded to the car key that is NFC enabled. Drivers will be able to bypass the check-in desk and head straight to their rooms which are paid for during the booking process.

Understanding the Hype Over the Padfone

April 17th, 2013 | No Comments | Posted in Consumer Electronics

Tech lovers have found much to be excited about over the past couple of years. During MCW 2013, Asus gave them one more thing to anticipate with their newest technological advance that is another in the line of tablet and phone merging. The Padfone Infinity by Asus is yet another gadget that tech lovers are sure to appreciate.

The Infinity merges the features of a smartphone with those of a tablet. It features 4G LTE connectivity and is powered by Android 4.2 operating system. It also offers a very impressive HD display along with a host of other features. The 5 inch screen has 441ppi so that pictures are viewed in the best possible light. This is a bit better than Apple’s retina display according to most tech savvy experts. Apple currently offers a 326ppi display, so the Infinity has upped the ante just a bit.

The hardware itself is very sturdy with a slider function that allows you to perfectly fit the phone. It features a rubber like finish that keeps the phone in place securely and holds it there safely. The software is very responsive. Users will find no lags in performance when they choose to switch over from the pad screen to their smartphone screen or when docking and undocking.

The Infinity has a 1.7GHz quad core CPU and can support 3G connectivity as well as the 4G LTE. The quad core chip offers optimal performance with absolutely no lag and the device can easily provide up to 19 hours of battery use with its 3G connectivity combined with talk time. The padfone has a slot for the Asus smartphone and will convert it to a Station 10.1 inch tablet. The tablets resolution is 1920X1200 and it offers full HD streaming with 1080p. You will also enjoy the battery pack that gives you up to three times more battery power and there is a 1MP camper mounted on top that allows for video calls and other images to be taken. There is a handy USB port as well.

The unit has an aluminum finish and other features include 64GB flash memory, NFC technology for easier data exchange and 2GB of RAM. The tablet can function as a smartphone and even has a dialer to make calls. You can capture up to 8 still shots per second with the camera that features a burst mode and the Echo technology which is very similar to Siri by Apple, it also included.

The Padfone Infinity by Asus is certainly an attractive device. Those who are constantly on the go and prefer not to carry larger devices with them at all times will find it very useful. The advantages of having a larger screen that is enabled as a phone is also a major attraction. The body itself is very attractive. What may not be attractive however, is the cost. The price is set to be around $1300 which may simply be a bit too steep for most tech lovers. Those who can afford it however, will find the features and capabilities to be well worth it.