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Facebook Phone Could Be in Development

September 21st, 2010 | Comments Off | Posted in News

In news that has not been confirmed and is actually being highly contested by Facebook itself at the time of this article’s publication, it appears that Facebook may be developing a mobile phone. The rumor began some time ago and would typically be regarded as so much hearsay from Facebook employees were it not for the fact that the very press release Facebook put out combat the rumor appears by tech experts to be part of a savvy marketing strategy that presents the appearance of a denial while not outright asserting that the phone is not in development. Since the war between mobile devices has been so intense in recent years with PDAs and smart phones coming in to be followed by tablet PCs, it is said by analysts to make sense for Facebook to try a foray into hardware after finding such success with its software as a service social networking platform.

With social networking usage sky rocketing at the moment and Facebook having recently announced that its user base now exceeds over 500 million, it is fair to say that the company could be trying out devices that would cater to users of its Facebook App, the most popular app across all smart phones right now. Some say that if Facebook could put together a physical product that found success in the market, the company could definitely build out its ability to spread its brand, but others wonder if it might not be insider code for providing a service similar to or using the features of Google Voice to allow phone calls via the Facebook service to PC and Mac users.