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You Can Do More with Today’s Laptops

October 17th, 2010 | Comments Off | Posted in Computers
When it comes to getting the most from one’s PC a lot of people are switching from the old desk top models to laptops in order to enjoy greater portability and to not have to be tied to a specific location. In the past, laptop computers used to be lacking in power, but these days that has begun to change. It is now possible to get a perfectly high powered machine in laptop form that will do anything a person might expect from a larger and not at all portable desk top unit. Since these are so much easier to work with in terms of using them on the go and getting work done or just watching movies, they are becoming the prevailing choice among PC users. The fact that they are coming down in price is definitely helping to propel them into the main stream and this is helpful ┬ábecause it means a wider level of availability for parts and also service or upgrades that they might end up needing in the rare event that something happens. However, today’s laptops are far more durable that ever before, too, so this is a lot less likely than it would have been in the past.
Thankfully, there are a lot of brands out there to choose from, but one brand has been getting a great deal of attention from laptop lovers. The Acer laptop is proving to be a solid choice for many people and with a 15.6″ screen it is easy to see why. The built in AMD Athlon Single Core 3 GB processor gives it a dramatic power boost that helps it compete with the best models on the market today easily. It also includes Windows 7 Home version so it is able to work with any kind of software that one might like to use. The 250 GB hard drive provides a good deal of storage space that is going to be more than enough for the average user, but this is, of course, expandable if one cares to make use of the expansion slots. The full size keyboard is perfect for those used to using a desk top set up, as well, and with 802.11n wireless connectivity, the machine definitely is easy to use for the web and related purposes. Obviously, this laptop is a great choice for any user and at its price point is a very sound buy for anyone.
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